Increase Libido In Women Naturally: Herbs For Boosting Female Libido

Libido simply means sexual drive. It is an impulsive act of sexual behavior. Normally, libido can be lost in a woman. Loss of libido can decrease a person’s esteem. Libido in women is not as strong as in men. It tends to be weak in women, but that doesn’t mean that the world has ended up for them. It is good to note that there are ways on boost women libido naturally without any medicine.

One primary cause of low libido in women is a fall of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen performs a vital role in your sexual desires.

Another is a decrease in blood flow to your system. Blood is the medium for hormones to travel throughout the body. When there is poor blood circulation to your reproductive organ, there are fewer hormones that stimulate it.

How To Increase Women’s Libido?

Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. For a woman, it is important to keep your libido at above average level to maintain a healthy and active sexual relationship with your partner and to curb sexual infidelity and to keep your emotional relationship alive.

There are several ways to enhance your sexual drive.

To begin with, you should keep yourself stress free and healthy. Free your mind from worries and pollutants that could speed up your sexual deterioration. You can also take health and sex supplements, but if you want to keep it safe and natural, you should opt for herbal female libido enhancers. Unlike synthetic drugs, herbal libido enhancers are safer and free from possible side effects. Herbal libido enhancers are more affordable so you do not have to spend too much just to achieve your renewed sexual drive.

Boost Female Libido With Herbal Remedies

So, how to increase libido in women naturally? Many female libido enhancers have been identified:

  • Ginko. Ginko was first experimented for the purpose of brain-memory enhancing in older men. One side effect identified is an increase in sex drive.
  • Arginine. It is an amino acid also known as L-arginine. Arginine is one of the most popular natural female libido enhancers, even for men; it is widely known as Viagra.
  • Dhea. Dhea is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is then converted to hormones estrogen and testosterone.
  • Dong Quai. This herb grows in China, Korea, and Japan. It is commonly known as ‘œthe women’s herb’ because it is known to alleviate problems from menstruation and menopause. Dong Quai’s components have antispasmodics and vasodilatory effects.
  • Turnaria aphrodisiaca. A type of herb that stimulates the central nervous system and acts as an aphrodisiac and boosts the reproductive organs. This herb has been used for several centuries now and is known to enhance sexual appetite and increases libido.
  • Gentiana lutea radix powder. An herbal sexual energizer that promote optimum function of the reproductive organs.
  • Horny Goat Weed. A potent herbal libido enhancer that stimulates nitric oxide in the body and is also proven to eliminate stress that lowers sexual appetite and energy.
  • Ginseng. This herb has been used for centuries now and was discovered by ancient Chinese alchemists. Ginseng can increase energy levels, promote better blood circulation, and rejuvenate damaged body cells.  It also stimulates the hypothalamus or the part of the brain that helps in producing hormones and contributes to the sexy and youthful appearance of a woman.

As with any other herbal medications, consulting your doctor before taking them is the first thing to do.