How to Increase Cortisol Levels Naturally: Tips to Boost Cortisol

The adrenal gland holds one of the most important functions in our body. It is responsible for producing the hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is basically produced from the cortex of the kidney. The cortex and the medulla are the two major structures of the kidney. The cortisol is basically responsible for determining how the body should react to stress. And together with other hormones, it is likewise accountable for controlling the inflammatory results of stress.

However, as a person ages, the cortisol lowers down naturally. To increase cortisol and maintain its important functions.

How To Increase Cortisol Levels Naturally

  • Taking a diet to increase cortisol levels naturally such as eating food that are high in sugar and starch such as bread, pasta, and sweets. This will surely increase your cortisol level naturally. But if you have other diseases such as diabetes, you should minimize your sugar intake to prevent the increase of your blood sugar level.
  • Another way to increase the production of cortisol is by getting the right amount of sleep. Studies and research show that a person helps his body regenerate cells especially those of his vital organs in the body by sleeping.  For individuals with low cortisol, sleep in total darkness and if possible without the use of an alarm clock is recommended.
  • Increased intake of grapefruit is another type of diet to increase cortisol levels naturally. Grapefruit has properties that triggers the deactivation of enzyme responsible for breaking down the cortisol hormones.
  • How to increase cortisol levels naturally can be achieved by taking the herb licorice. It is a type of herb that provides various health advantages, and one of these is maintaining the balance of cortisol in our body. It has glycyrrhizin acid that also helps destroy the enzyme that breaks down cortisol and therefore increase the low level of one’s cortisol.