Holistic Treatment For HIV Virus Infection: Prevention For AIDS

Question: Can the holistic treatment cure the HIV virus? Can it make negative?

Answer: HIV (Human immune deficiency) virus is responsible for AIDS (Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome), a dreaded syndrome which eventually causes death of an infected person. HIV infection leads to various consequences including fall in CD4 count, energy, and increase in opportunistic infection and malignancies.

Unfortunately there is no treatment available that can cure the disease permanently! However, once considered as a disease with no definite management strategies; Holistic therapy integrates the mind, body and soul complex to aid in enhancing the quality of life and increasing mental and physical strength.

The claims that it can cure HIV are irrational.

Yoga therapy is an ancient system of controlling and enhancing mental and physical control on the body. Evidence has suggested that yoga has improved immunity and in some cases, helps increase the CD4 count. This improves the condition of patients suffering from HIV and strengthens the overall immune system. However, it doesn’t cure HIV, only slows the progression of the disease.

Dietary management has shown similar advantages. Consumption of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dry fruits, etc whilst avoiding meat, saturated foods, oily and spicy foods have worked to improve the levels of energy and wellness.

These changes pump up the moral and boost the desire to live, in patients suffering from terminal conditions like HIV/AIDS.

Patient suffering from HIV has to pay specific attention to nutrition. This is because of several changes in the body that occurs in HIV patient. There is loss of weight, recurrent attack of diarrhea and recurrent infections etc are common. Making a change in diet may be useful for sustaining health and prevent worsening the condition. A good choice of food provides nutrition that is required for the patient. It also increases the immunity. Certain foods help to decrease the intensity of symptoms and aid in managing the adverse effects of medicines.

To conclude, Holistic therapy will be beneficial for all types and segments of patients. However, its effect in individuals will differ and it can’t be viewed as a cure for terminal and life threatening conditions like AIDS.

Preventive Measures For HIV And AIDS

Considering the seriousness of HIV infection, emphasis should be made to prevent the disease in the first place. The virus is transmitted through infected blood containing HIV virus. It also spreads from semen, vaginal secretions which come in contact with mucous membrane or broken skin. With following measures it is possible to prevent the disease.

  • Avoid multiple sexual partners as there is likelihood of someone having the infection. The only safe method is to practice monogamy relationship with a partner who is not infected with HIV infection or any other sexually transmitted disease.
  • Get tested for HIV infection at frequent interval if you are exposed to multiple partners who indulge in unprotected intercourse.
  • Use sterilized and disposable needle. People using same needle, especially those who are addicted to intravenous drugs are susceptible to get infected.
  • Do not share shaving kits, needles etc.
  • If the partner is infected with HIV infection it is necessary to use condom during intercourse.
  • Avoid anal intercourse.
  • HIV infection can be transmitted from mother to unborn child. Every pregnant woman should do HIV test once she gets pregnant.