Hyperacidity Causes, Diet, Treatment | Foods to Avoid Acidity Problem


I have been suffering from indigestion with hyperacidity and constipation. I suffer lots of belching due to this (I pass most of the gas thru upper GI track), which causes severe to moderate heartburn and causes severe discomfort. I feel better after eating food but empty stomach I feel worse with feeling of nausea at times. I have been suffering this since last 5 years without any remedy till now. I have been doing regular exercises and yoga but in effect that only aggravates my problem. Thank you in anticipation.


Hyperacidity Remedies

Don’t panic. Your condition is a simple case of hyperacidity. It is important that you follow the following advice,

  1. Firstly, don’t miss breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is important that you ensure that your daily gastric cycle in maintained. If you try to skip a meal, you will end up having a strong gastric unrest
  2. Secondly, avoid aerated drinks, tea, and coffee. Stop smoking, if you do. Reduce the intake of alcohol.
  3. Also, include milk and diary products in your diet. Milk is alkaline, and it aids in balancing the effects of the gastric juices which are highly acidic
  4. If you are constipated, it is important that you use natural and herbal laxatives.
    Psyllium husk is very helpful in improving the bowel movement and aids in the removal of impacted waste. Fennel seeds will also be helpful in the management of acidity
  5. Don’t remain hungry for long periods of time. Eat meals at short intervals. They will aid in diluting the acidic gastric fluid and prevent gastric irritation
  6. Are you consuming any medications like aspirin, diclofenac, etc. Check with your doctor, these drugs are known to increase acidity
  7. Finally, continue yoga and exercise. They are beneficial in more than one way