Food to Eat When Nauseous: Healthy Foods to Eat When Feeling Nauseous

Using food as a means to alleviate nausea may seem a far-fetched possibility, but yes, there are foods that you can eat to alleviate nauseous feeling. While there are various causes why we feel nauseous, it has been proven that eating bananas and other bland foods help eliminate the awful feeling of nausea. Such foods are rich in phytochemicals that help restore the balance in your body while minimizing the amount of acids in the stomach that can possibly cause vomiting. Aside from bananas, other good foods to eat when nauseous are yams and potatoes.

Best Food to Eat When Nauseous

  • Strangely enough, the good food to eat when nauseous is, strictly speaking, not foods but beverages. Drinking your regular share of water daily is a good way to avoid being nauseous.
  • Aside from water, other beverages that you can take to alleviate nausea are liquids that are clear and uncolored. With enough liquids in the body, you will be properly hydrated and there will be a sufficient carrier of oxygen and nutrients to your system, which, if missing, will contribute to your being nauseous.
  • From the peoples of the Orient, one way for them to alleviate nausea is through drinking ginger ale or tea.
    This is particularly effective if you are prone to nausea resulting from travel.
  • On the other hand, if you do not like ginger and cannot stand its taste, you can improve its flavor by adding some drops of lemon or sweeteners to it.
  • If you love eating toast, you may not know it but it is actually a good food to eat when nauseous. The slightly burned nature of the toast helps to trap acids that can cause nauseous feeling and neutralize them.
  • Aside from toast, you can also try yogurt, crackers (especially those made from oats), sherbet, or baked or broiled chicken.