Food to Eat Before Drinking Alcohol: Healthy and Best Food to Eat

One of the reasons why people experience hangover from a binge of alcohol drink is that the body absorbs the alcohol taken in very quickly. Hence, a good way to avoid this is to eat something before drinking.

Best Food to Eat Before Drinking

  • Specifically, the foods that must be eaten are those that coat the inner lining of the stomach. Here, a glass of milk will help as do munching cheese and other dairy products.
  • In general, fatty and greasy foods slow down or totally block the absorption of alcohol by your stomach, in the process lessening the impact of alcohol consumption.
  • Another food to eat before drinking are pasta foods or some slices of pizza as the largely carbohydrate composition of these foods are known to be efficient in minimizing the effect of alcohol in the body.
  • While solid foods are good food to eat before drinking, liquids are also necessary to the body. This is why one must make sure that the body is fully hydrated before downing some alcoholic drink.
  • Water is an essential accompaniment when drinking, although fruit juices and milk are likewise effective. However, among the liquids, it is water that seems to have the best benefit because it helps prevent the body from becoming dehydrated, which is a likely result from having too much drink.
  • When it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages, a key consideration is to avoid consuming diuretics such as coffee as this will likely deprive the body of the much-needed fluids that can exacerbate the condition.
  • Another very important food to eat before drinking is banana. The fruit is rich in nutrients that  help maintain the balance in the stomach, the absence of which is one factor that can contribute to being nauseous after a drink.
  • Generally, fruits that are rich in water content are very good food to eat before drinking. This includes apple, watermelon, melon, and papaya.