Fat Vagina Lips: Causes of Fatty Vaginal Lips and Tips to Reduce Fat

Some women feel that having fat vagina lips is an embarrassment, and these women often wonder why they were given such fatty vagina lips in the first place. These women also tend to wonder how they can get rid of the excess fat that they see in and around their vaginal opening. Women who have this kind of a problem find it hard to wear clothing that makes people look at their crotch area, like jeans and tight-fitting pants, and as such, they tend to avoid these kinds of outfits altogether.

What causes women to have fatty vagina lips? Is there a way to reduce the size of these vaginal lips?

Causes of Fatty Vaginal Lips

Why do some women have vaginas that have fatty lips and others have what they consider normal-looking vaginas? What are the causes of fatty vaginal lips? Women who notice that they have fat vagina lips notice this when they grow older or after puberty. And while some men find this kind of a vagina attractive and appealing, some women find the shape and size of their private parts rather off-putting. As such, they try to look for tips for making vagina lips normal on certain sex forums and women’s health forums.

How to Reduce the Size and Fat of Vagina Lips

While having fat vagina lips may be attractive to a lot of men, some women find that they are not comfortable with it and want to reduce the size of their vaginal lips. Although it has been proven that women who have fatty vaginas are often those who have fat physiques as well and losing weight can reduce the fattiness of their vaginal lips as well, there are actually no over-the-counter cures or exercises that can reduce the size of your vaginal lips. The only solution to this kind of a dilemma is to undergo vaginal surgery or labial reduction.