Fairer Skin Home Remedies | Fair Skin Tanning Natural Treatment, Tips


I’m a 15 year old girl. I am worried about my color. My color is between tan and fair. I just want to be fairer with natural home made stuff.


Fair Skin Natural Remedy

Complexion of the skin is affected by several factors including hereditary factors, skin disorders or excessive exposure to sunlight. The dark complexion of the skin is indicative of high levels of the melanin pigment in the skin, which is responsible for protecting the skin against harmful effects of ultra violet rays. If the skin is naturally dark, there is very little that can be done to change the color, however if it has been tanned due to persistent exposure to sunlight, some of the following tips will come to your rescue:

  1. Mix honey, one teaspoon of lemon and a few drops of almond oil in milk or milk powder.
    Apply this paste locally on your face. This mixture will help you regain a natural glow. Practice this therapy about twice a week for a few months to get potential benefits.
  2. Local application of freshly cut raw potato aids in removal of dark spots and blemishes.
  3. Alternatively you can mix turmeric powder with freshly extracted lime juice to improve the quality and color of the skin. Lime juice is natural bleach which aids in improving the skin color.
  4. Diet plays a crucial role in improving the quality, texture and skin color. Ensure that your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables and yogurt.
    These products are rich in anti oxidants and aids reduces damage to the skin caused by free radicals.