Excessive Sweating Groin: How To Stop Excessive Sweating In Groin Area

One of the areas where most people sweat immediately is in the inner thigh or the groin area. Other than the armpits, the sweat glands in the groin are more active. The sweat produced in the inner thigh is oilier and tends to accumulate in the skin’s surface. When excessive sweating groin happens, the sweat will invite moisture-loving bacteria. Once these bacteria feed on your groin, they will produce odor, causing your groin to become smelly. And this can be pretty embarrassing.

Excessive sweating in the groin area can also be due to the excess flab of fats and skin that are accumulated in your inner thigh.

The discomfort of this sweating of course happens whenever you rub your thighs against each other when you move. However, this condition can be resolved with some ways on how to stop excessive sweating in groin area.

How to Stop Excessive Sweating Groin Naturally

If you are experiencing extreme sweating in your inner thighs, here are some effective remedies for you.

  • Since the odor is caused by bacteria that thrive on the moist environment of your groin, it is important to maintain a good hygiene by keeping your body fresh and cool.
  • Especially during summer or hot season when the body is more prone to sweating, it is advisable to shower daily or as often as you need.
  • Another step on how to stop excessive sweating in groin area is by using underwear made from natural fibers such as cotton that absorbs the moisture in the pelvic area.
  • Right after you shower, make sure you thoroughly dry the groin area. If you feel comfortable sprinkling your groin area with talcum powder, dust your inner thighs as liberally as possible.
  • Using perfume of cologne in suppressing the smell will not help. Instead, this may even cause skin irritation.
  • Medical specialists also prescribe oral drugs such as anticholinergic, beta-blockers, and others to treat the condition and reduce the symptoms.