Excessive Back Sweating: Stop, Reduce, Prevent Back Sweating Naturally

Causes of Too Much Back Sweating

Some people just have that abnormal body condition where they sweat a lot such as the case of excessive back sweating. In medical terms, excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis. It is a condition wherein the body excessively produces sweat even when the person remains relaxed. For little or no reason at all, the case of hyperhidrosis is characterized by an increasingly unusual perspiration. People afflicted with this condition may experience a significant reduction in the quality of life that they have. Hyperhidrosis can greatly affect people emotionally and physically.

Treatment for Excessive Back Sweating

So far there has been no proven cure to stop back sweating naturally. However, there are certain medical ways to treat excessive sweating and sometimes have their own respective risks.

  • In some patients, surgery is done. The operation involves the cutting or burning of the nerve ganglia in the chest to permanently destroy the transmission of impulse from the brain to the oil glands. Resolving back sweating is also done by clamping these nerves.
  • Moreover, certain surgical operations are not without risks. Invasive treatment to stop excessive back sweating sometimes can cause cardiac sympathetic denervation resulting to a lowered heartbeat even when exercising.
  • Another proven way to treat sweating not just in the back but also in the armpits is by applying aluminum chloride or hexahydrate solution into the affected area. This type of solution is mostly used in regular anti-perspirants. But in cases of excessive sweating, a higher concentration is needed to solve the problem. Aluminum chloride has been an effective cure but some people can be affected by irritation.
  • One good step to reduce excessive back sweating is by losing weight. Sweating can be aggravated by obesity. Hence, it is best to go on a weight loss program to fight sweating.
  • Meditation and relaxation has also been a good way to cope with the discomforts of back sweating.