Sweaty Armpit, Foot Causes | Profuse Foul Sweating Odor Foods to Avoid


Hi, I’m 21, and I have a terrible problem for 3 years. I always sweat. Every time I’m sweaty, specially-my foot, my back, between my breast, and of course my armpit are always wet, in cold air, hot, day, night, every time. I feel I sweat too much than normal. Please help me, what can I do?


Profuse Perspiration Diet

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to reduce perspiration. Perspiration is a natural process and there is no way one can interfere with this process. However, if your sweat is foul, there are some simple dietary corrections that should be able to help you.

  1. Firstly, reduce the intake of pungent and odorous foods including onion, garlic, etc. These pungent odors are excreted through perspiration and these in turn tend to increase foul odor of sweat.
  2. Next, it is possible that your water intake is very high. How many liters of water or fluids do you consume each day? It is possible that you don’t go out very often. As a result of this your body will reserve the water when you are in pleasant environment (your workplace or home) and sweat profusely when you move out into the hot environment.
  3. Few homeopathic drugs have been found to be effective in the management of offensive odor. You could try Baryta Carbonica in low potency with frequent repetitions to reduce the profuseness of perspiration
  4. Don’t try to use measures to suppress your perspiration. These may have detrimental effect on your health, especially your skin. Just use some of the conventional methods suggested here and you should definitely see some improvement.

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