Possible Causes Of A Bloody Nose: How To Stop Nasal Bleeding?

Question: During summers I am having frequent nose bleeding. Is this blood loss harmful for my body? I am only 19 year old.

Answer: Nosebleed or Epistaxis is a condition characterized by acute hemorrhage from the nose with blood flowing out of the nostrils. There are several causes to it,

  • Blunt trauma to the face.
  • Repeated nose picking or foreign body injury to the nose.
  • Inflammatory reaction – including chronic rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infections or irritation by environmental chemicals.
  • Low relative humidity can lead to epistaxis and hence it is common in summers and in cold winter seasons.
  • Anatomical deformities, intranasal tumors or use of nasal sprays are also contributing factors to nosebleed.

How Do You Treat Nasal Bleeding?

The extent of damage a nose bleed can do to your body depends upon the amount of blood loss and the underlying pathology. Occasionally nose bleed after a skull injury is indicative of some major internal damage. Further, recurrent attacks of nose bleed are also very harmful.

If you have occasional nosebleeds especially during the summers, there is nothing specific to be worried about.

  • Pinch your nose long enough to stop the bleeding, don’t let the blood keep flowing.
  • Also, never pick the nose.
  • You could use ice packing to stop nose bleeds.

If it worries you, you should visit an ENT specialist. The specialist will try to examine the inside of your nostril and confirm the diagnosis.