Cracked Nostrils, Dry Nostrils: Causes, Home Remedies and Treatments

Colds can give us a lot of discomforts apart from the constant itching in our throat. In particular, when the mucus dries out near our nostrils, it will result to a dry and cracked skin. Or just after your cold, your nose begins to crack up due to every blow you do with your nose. In other times, cracked nostrils can be the effect of having very low humidity in your place. This would most likely lead to dryness and soreness in your nostrils. As a result, the skin inside your nose becomes sore, tender, and sometimes painful.

Dry and Cracked Nostrils Home Remedies and Treatment

However, there are simple and easy remedies on how to treat those cracked nostrils. Some of these treatments include the following:

  • Just like the case of dry skin in our hands and other parts of the body, the best way to repel dryness in the nostrils is to keep it moisturized. There are available ointments and creams that can be applied safely in your nose’s skin.
  • Another simple process of treating cracked nostrils is steaming. You can boil water on a container that is enough for you to inhale the steam.
    Not only will the steam keep you moisturized, but also relieves the symptoms of cold.
  • Steam can also help your skin get rid of blemishes because warm air makes pores open.
  • Of course, before applying any kind of ointment or cream on your nostrils, make sure to clean the inside of your nose.
  • You can also try dipping a piece of cotton ball and gently dab the dry part until the cracks disappear.
  • To further maintain the moisture, diluting tea tree oil into coconut or olive oil and applying the solution into your nostrils can also relieve dryness and will also make the area bacteria-free.
  • There is also available remedy called isotonic sodium chloride solution in nasal spray form.

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