Dark Colored Sperm, Semen: Causes, Natural Home Remedies and Treatment

Men value their capability to be viable for impregnation. It is their way of expressing how manly they are. Dark sperm or more appropriately termed as dark semen can be alarming to them. It can be a brown or light brown or a small brown spot. The semen is a whitish, cloudy fluid that is expressed from the glans. This fluid is composed of sperm, fructose, water, and other substances that nourish the sperm and make it motile.

Causes of Dark Semen or Sperm

  • Causes of dark colored sperm can be blood or infection.
    Blood in the semen is called hematospermia. It is due to the tear in the fragile blood vessels in which the semen passes, most commonly, the prostate.
  • Pus formation from the infection is also one of the causes of dark colored sperm.
  • Other causes include excessive alcoholism, prolonged sitting or biking, and trauma or injury.
  • Cancer can be one of the causes of dark colored sperm. However, it is uncommon.
  • There are STDs that cause brown discoloration in the semen due to blood vessels that have been injured.

Doctors say that it is common to have blood in the semen.

It is a great relief for men who noticed something different in their semen color. Men who suffer semen discoloration may think that it is a sign of cancer but the fact is, it can be from a less harmful cause like infection.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Dark Colored Semen

  • Do not take medications that affect the clotting ability of your body (such as aspirin and warfarin).
  • Be careful not to injure your testicles.
  • Visit your urologist.
  • Tell your doctor if discoloration is accompanied by other signs and symptoms for proper diagnosing and treatment plan. They may perform a prostate exam or a digital rectal exam or a semen analysis or a cytoscopy.

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