Cyst on Inner Thigh: Get Rid Of Small, Sebaceous Cyst on Inner Thighs

A closed sac is called a cyst. It is composed of a distinct membrane on its nearby tissues that may contain fluid, pus, air, or a semi-solid material. It can be formed anywhere on the body so that one may even have a cyst on inner thigh.

How to Get Rid of Cyst on Inner Thigh

A surgery has to be undergone to remove a sebaceous cyst on inner thigh. Although some cysts would just go away on its own, a procedure to remove it will also avoid the spread of the cancer cells.

The surgical removal of a cyst on inner thigh is similar to any kind of procedure. It is performed with local anesthesia. Tiny cysts that are not bothersome may not be removed. A larger cyst however, which is a potential for infection, is advised to be removed. When an infection occurs, the cyst will have to be opened or aspirated in order to drain its contents.

The surgical removal of the small cyst on inner thigh does not only involve taking out the entire cyst. A thin layer of the sac wall would likewise be removed.

This is done to prevent another cyst to grow back.

When to Seek Medical Help

Cysts may develop anywhere on the body, and there is no definite reason why it develops. As long as there is skin, a cyst could possibly grow on the face, neck, scalp, or inner thighs. It could be a painless lump that is smooth to touch as it is rolled under the skin. It grows slowly and a majority of them develops as a benign lump. It can only be a cause for concern when there is pain felt on the lump. There are rare occasions that the cyst on inner thigh becomes a malignant tumor. It can be checked by aspirating a fluid from the cyst, which will then be examined under the microscope. If cancer cells are seen, a surgery is necessary to remove the cyst.