Increase Cortisol Production Naturally: How to Increase Cortisol Level

The adrenal gland is one of the most important glands in our system. It is the one responsible for producing the hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is specifically secreted from the cortex of the kidney. The cortex is one of the two parts of the kidney. And in particular, the main function of cortisol is to act or determine how the body would respond to stress as well as ensuring control on inflammatory aspects together with other hormones.

Increase Cortisol Production Naturally

However, as a person ages the cortisol naturally lowers down. But this is counteracted with some ways regarding how to increase cortisol levels.

The remedies include:

  • One of the things that would help you how to increase cortisol production is by the intake of natural hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone is a natural remedy, but this treatment needs prescription by a physician.
  • Another way to increase the production of cortisol is by sleeping. Sleeping is a natural mechanism of our body that helps rejuvenate all the important systems that we have internally and even our skin. Physicians advise patients with low cortisol levels to sleep in total darkness without any alarm clock. Optimum overall health is also achieved with enough sleep.
  • How to increase cortisol levels naturally? Well, licorice is also another method. Licorice is a kind of herb that can help maintain the balance of cortisol in our body. It has glycyrrhisic acid that helps inactivate the enzyme that breaks down cortisol and thus levels up the low level of cortisol. However, licorice may increase the risk of blood pressure in large doses.
  • On the other hand, ways on how to increase cortisol levels also include the intake of grapefruit. Like the certain property of licorice, grapefruit also has a component that deactivates the enzyme breaking down the cortisol.