Where to Buy Flaxseed in USA: Tips on How to Buy Flaxseeds

One of the known ideal sources of omega-3 fatty acids is flaxseed oil, and one of the questions that people may have concerning this healthy seed is where can one buy them. A lot of people do not know where to buy flaxseed, although these are pretty easy to locate in the grocery store near you.

How to Buy Flaxseeds?

Flaxseed can actually be found in a lot of places, as long as you know where to look. For example, flaxseed can be found in a lot of grocery stores but you may need to ask where in these stores they are being displayed.

Some stores display these seeds in the baking section while others put it together with the health foods that they sell. Other grocery stores place their milled or ground flaxseed in their refrigerated section since these are known to spoil rather quickly once they are milled and are not kept chilled. You can also find these in health food stores and in stores that sell organic products.

Several varieties of flaxseed are available not only in Canada and Russia, but also in U.S. states like North Dakota, Missouri, and Minnesota.

How to Buy Flaxseed?

Another question that most people ask about flaxseed, aside from where to buy flaxseed, is how to buy flax seed or in what form should they buy these.

People can actually buy flaxseed in many forms: whole, ground, or milled and in oil form.

To get the full benefit of the omega 3 fatty acids found in flaxseed, you should remember that whole seeds are not your best bet. This is because of the fact that these basically just course through your body in this form. You should consider buying flaxseed in milled or ground form if you want to use this for baking or as a healthy addition to your food.

Some people recommend that you buy your flaxseeds whole and grind them with a coffee bean grinder whenever you need to add them to your food so that you get freshly ground flaxseed when you need it. Other people recommend that you use flaxseed oil in your food though since this is the one form that guarantees the best absorption.

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