Burning Sensation When Urinating In Men and Women: Causes, Treatment

There are various reasons why burning sensation when urinating is felt. This is also one of the most common complains that bothers men and women. In women, burning sensation when urinating happens because the rectum and genitals are areas prone to infection. This is because bacteria can easily enter the body’s opening such as the urethra. If a person feels like the vagina burns when urinating, then he or she must may be suffering from underlying infections and STDs.

Underlying Causes of Burning Sensation When Urinating

  • Urinary tract infection is common in women.
  • Pregnancy can also cause burning sensation when urinating.
  • STDs like gonorrhea, vaginal and genital herpes, Chlamydia, and other diseases
  • Burning sensation when urinating happens due to kidney infections.
  • Recurring bladder infections, cystitis, interstitial cystitis, urethritis, vaginal candidiasis, and other yeast infections
  • Burning sensation during urination may also be a symptom for prostate cancer.

Treatment for Burning Sensation When Urinating

Necessary treatment for underlying diseases or problems associated with burning sensation when urinating can be causative in nature.

  • For urinary tract infections as well as yeast infections, antibiotics can help relieve burning symptoms.
  • Treatment for kidney stones can also help get rid of the burning sensation.
  • In the case of STDs, consulting a specialist would be the best thing to do to treat symptoms.
  • Moreover, it is important to always practice good hygiene since most bacteria can easily enter the body through the openings in the reproductive organs.
  • Most importantly, symptoms such as burning sensation when urinating should not be ignored especially that it is one of the indications for serious diseases.
  • Hence, if this burning symptom persists more than unusual, immediately seek medical attention to further diagnose the real condition of the body.