Honey For Skin Discoloration: Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Spots

Question: Does honey help to diminish skin discoloration? What are other remedies that may help to restore natural skin color?

Answer: Honey is considered to be a natural sweetener known to mankind. It is not only used for culinary purposes, but is also valuable for its medicinal properties. Honeybees convert nectar from flowers into honey. Honey is proved to be beneficial in all sorts of skin problems. It is because of its bactericidal and anti septic properties.

Just as local application can cure many acute and chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema, burns to mention a few.

The benefits of local application of honey are not limited only to skin diseases; it is also useful for cosmetic purposes. Applying honey with common salt and vinegar removes unwanted spots on the skin.

Since majority of black spots on skin are caused as a result of aging, the antioxidant properties found in honey helps to overcome and diminish this aging spots, usually black discoloration.

Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Spots On Skin

First thing you should ascertain the cause of the black spots on your body. They usually develop on the face. The main reason may be due to the hormonal changes, pigment changes due to sun rays which have the ultraviolet rays.

They are responsible for dark spots on the skin.

Natural home remedies for lightening the black spots:

  • Pour 1 teaspoon of honey in the palm of your hand. Pour a little milk powder to it. Mix well and apply it on the black discolored area. Natural properties in honey help to cleanse the area and milk which contains lactic acid acts as mild skin whitener due to its bleaching effect.
  • Aloe Vera gel is helpful in reducing the dark spots. Apply aloe gel on dark spots regularly to appreciate expected results.
  • Turmeric powder and milk cream if scrubbed on the face or on the dark spots can lighten the spots.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also useful in reducing the discoloration.
  • Apply sunscreen lotion while you go out in the sun, it will prevent the direct sun rays to harm your body and prevent further harm to the skin.
  • Fresh butter milk if scrubbed on the dark spots before you take bath will get rid of the darkening in few weeks.
  • Avoid cosmetics and colored products.
  • Fuller’s earth when mixed with skin of papaya and scrubbed on the skin decreases the dark spots on the skin.
  • Almond paste and honey are also used to decrease the dark spots. Almond is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is useful for skin problems, it reduces and removes skin blemishes.
  • Lemon juice is tried and tested remedy for black spots on the skin. It has the natural bleaching properties to lighten the dark spots. Apply lemon juice on dark spots and let it remain for 10 minutes. Wash the area with water after