Why Do I Wake Up In A Cold Sweat Every Morning?

Human body is an incredible work of nature’s craftsmanship. It has multitude of functions to play throughout day and even when you are asleep at night. For all the functions to be executed effectively it has an internal set of mechanism. Sweating is one such function of the body which helps in regulation of body temperature. Sweating also makes the way for release of excess of fluid from the body through sweat glands.

Normally you may sweat in hot weather or during exercise. But sometimes you may perspire even when the surrounding is cool.

Some people may experience cold sweats at anytime, even at night which makes them wake up from sleep. There are many causes and conditions that may be responsible for cold sweat. Most of them have known etiology which can be treated.

What Causes You To Wake Up In A Cold Sweat?

Numerous factors can wake you up with cold sweats at night. Occasional cold sweats may just be a simple physiological process as you may experience when you are anxious or stressed. Let us know the reasons in detail;

  • Anxiety and mental stress: People in modern day are often found to be stressed due to overwork and worry concerned with their office work as well as home.
    Stress and anxiety can significantly affect the body in many ways. During stress a person may perspire more than normal. It occurs as the sweat glands are triggered to produce more sweat by the body even when it is at rest.
  • Disturbed sleep: Your sleep may be frequently interrupted if you have a bad dream or nightmares. Often person wakes up soaked in sweat when he has frightening nightmare.
  • Spicy food: Eating too much of spicy food can produce cold sweat when you are sleeping. After eating spicy food, your body thinks it has become hot. And to cool off the internal temperature, body sends message to sweat gland to increase its secretion in the form of excessive sweat. You may sweat at night when you have eaten spicy dinner few hours before sleeping.
  • Hypoglycemia: Cold sweats at night can be due to low blood sugar. This is more common in people suffering from diabetes and taking medications or insulin. In such case they have to test their blood sugar and adjust the dose accordingly.
  • Infectious diseases: Drenching cold night sweats can be related to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. It may also occur in viral infections. Cold sweat is frequently an accompaniment of fever when there is an infection.
  • Hormonal change: Hormonal changes in the body can wake you up with cold sweats when you are asleep. Women who are close to their menopause or already in their menopause have low level of estrogen hormone. It can trigger hot flashes and subsequent cold sweating. Some women may not feel hot flashes but may still have drenching cold sweat at night which may keep them awake.

In addition to the above causes, intake of alcohol or certain prescription drugs can also give rise to cold night sweats. If it is affecting your sleep and occurs frequently for more than 5 to 6 days, you have to talk to your doctor regarding your problem.

Often change in lifestyle, exercising regularly, reducing stress, and sufficiently keeping your body well hydrated by drinking enough water; it is possible to reduce the recurrence of cold sweats at night.

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