Why Do You Become Thirsty After Eating Sweet Foods?

Majority of people love to eat sweets and indulge in its delicious taste. Whether it is an ice cream, candies, lemon pie etc, adults as well as children all loves the sweet taste. Eating sugary products is known to have large amount of calories and people know eating such products can increase their weight.

However, besides giving a sense of happiness in most people’s life many people do not know why they become thirstier after eating sweets. It is because of the complex cellular mechanism which sugar has to interact with the body cells.

What Causes You To Feel Thirsty?

We all know water is essential and key ingredient without which living is impossible. Most of us drink water when we feel thirsty. Thirst is a physiological desire of the body to replenish each and every cell with water or fluid. Some people may feel thirstier while some may drink less amount of water. It all depends on the individual characteristic. This change in the thirst level is not uncommon and may depend on many factors such as the environmental condition, physical activity, type of food that you eat etc.

However, a large variation in level of thirst may not be physiological, and it may be an indication of medical problem such as diabetes, dehydration, or a psychotic disorder. As the body is accustomed to accomplish various tasks it has to perform when there is certain level of fluid in the body, a small fluctuation will produce thirst. It is a signal that your body needs to replenish the fluid. You may do so by drinking water or any fluids or by eating foods that contain lots of water.

What Causes You To Feel Thirsty After Eating Sweets?

After consuming sweet food, the intestine starts to absorb sugar and send it to the bloodstream. Once sugar or glucose as we know enters into the blood it circulates in the body. When there is too much of sugar content in the blood, it tries to pull out water from the body cells. As a result body cells notice this change and they feel depleted of the fluid content. Thus these body cells send message to the brain and alerts it that it is time to drink fluids.

At the same time, the brain through its own mechanism senses too much concentration of sugar in the body after eating sweet. To reduce this concentration brain sends instruction to the body cells to produce sensation of thirst so that the circulating sugar gets diluted. Eating sugar is not the only cause that triggers increased thirst; it may also occur if you eat spicy and salty food.

Although most people may be feeling thirsty after eating too much of sweets according to the body demand, person should always be careful because too much of thirst has its own medical implications. For example excessive thirst is one the most important symptom of diabetes.

If you are feeling extremely thirsty, feeling tired, passing too much and frequent urine than it needs to be checked as the probable reason for it may not be only limited to eating sweets, but it may be related to diabetes. Thus if you are given a choice to eat sweets prepared from sugar or naturally sweet food, then it is worthwhile to choose the later one for better health.

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