What Causes Teenagers’ Lazy Attitude & How To Motivate Them?

Teenage is very dramatic phase of life. It is an age where teenagers neither qualify of being children nor adults. According to most parents, teenage children are lazy and inattentive during their most crucial blossoming years. The feeling is partially experienced by parents because teenagers do not meet the priorities and expectations set up by them. At the pinnacle of this age, many teenagers are still not able to decide whether they are child or considered an adult.

The advancement in the world of technology and its access to teenagers has made them couch potato.

Their physical activity has become very restricted as compared to teenagers of two to three decades ago. They lounge around playing with gadgets and watching television. Their participation in household activities or assisting parents during their free time has become less.

This laziness has cropped up from lack of drive and motivation. So instead of blaming the teenager for his laziness, parents have to motivate their child to become more ambitious in all fields including their studies and other curricular activities.

Reasons For Teenagers Being Lazy

In this modern age as the world becomes more technology oriented, it has several facets some of which are harming while some are advantageous.

Teenagers have now accessibility to modern gadgets such as cell phones, computers, etc. They spend lot of time playing and working on these gadgets. As a result they stay in their house rather than playing and enjoying outdoors.

  • Although not all electronic instruments are bad as many of them such as use of computers provides more knowledge about world information it sometimes can lead to laziness in them. Some teenagers prefer to stay at home and use these devices instead of mingling with friends and participating with outdoor activities.
  • Teenagers sometimes become overwhelmed due to parental pressure to outperform in studies and other curricular activities. This pressure can sometimes exhaust the teen mentally as well as physically.
  • Hormonal and bodily changes that occur during teenage can cause anxiety in them. This may cause mood changes as well. An active child during his teenage period may not be so active. It may also affect their motivation and cause laziness.
  • Some teenagers purposefully become lazy as they want to avoid getting ridiculed by their peers or by others.

How To Motivate A Lazy Teenager?

Motivating teenagers can bring in them the unexplored talent that was lying latent. Even parents sometimes do not realize the caliber of their teenage child. When they appear lazy, instead of scolding find the problem of their laziness. It may be fear of rejection, failure, substance abuse etc. Parents in such times are the best counselors.

  • Once the cause is known try to resolve the problem instead of exaggerating the situation. For example if the teen has some physical problem or emotional problem, address it or consult the physician.
  • Parents should know the interest of their teen and encourage in the particular filed that he is interested in. However, if the choice of his interest is something wrong or harming, make him understand about the consequences and divert his interest in something more productive.
  • Parents should provide ample of opportunities even if the teen fails or is not able to perform his best for the first time.

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