Why Is My Stomach Getting Bigger And I Am Not Gaining Weight?

There are many people who may be intrigued when they feel their stomach has grown bigger without gaining weight. This may be a cause of concern for them. Abdominal bloating can have influence on your waist circumference. You may experience your pants have become tighter.

There are many causes that may make your stomach to grow bigger. Some causes may not be serious but more discomforting. On the other hand there are reasons for stomach enlargement without weight gain that are serious and sometime life threatening.

Let us identify such problems in which stomach or the waistline increases without substantial over all weight gain of the body.

Causes Of Stomach Getting Bigger But No Weight Gain

  • One of the commonest causes for stomach getting bigger without weight gain is bloating or collection of gasses. When you swallow more air while eating or if you are lactose intolerant or if you have gulped excess of sodas your stomach will be filled with gas. This may make the stomach appear more bloated and enlarged. Excess of gas formation can also occur due to undigested food. The bacteria present in intestine act upon the undigested food and produce gasses like carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.
    When the gases are in excess, you may experience bloating in the stomach.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is another medical cause responsible for bloating of abdomen. IBS is characterized by recurrent constipation, diarrhea, pain in abdomen, gasses formation etc.
  • Many people exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet but still notice an increase in their abdominal girth over a period of time. Here the trouble is stress. If you are stressed, your body releases increased amount of cortisol hormone from the adrenal gland. This hormone triggers displacement of fats from other parts of body into the abdominal area. This fat is called visceral fat. Thus stress can increase your stomach size although it does not cause any weight gain.
  • As age advances, body fat starts depositing in abdominal area more than other parts of body. This creates disproportion of body fat with their weight. The body fat is increased in the mid section instead of weight. With growing age a person also losses muscle mass. This also affects the muscles of abdomen. The muscles which once were tight become lax and flaccid. The skin also starts sagging due to loss of elastin and collagen damage. In post menopausal women the abdominal waist line expands because of hormonal changes in estrogen and progesterone level. Estrogen relatively becomes low. This change in hormones can affect fat disbursement in the body of a woman. Fat gets shifted from other areas towards the stomach area.

All the above factors promote expansion in the waist line without increasing body weight.

How To Reduce A Big Stomach?

As mentioned above there are several causes that may be responsible for increased waist line with no relevant change in body weight. Treating this can be personalized according to the problem experienced by the person.

For example if the person is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, he should avoid dairy products, beans and lentils, starch products etc as these may cause more amount of gas. Person can take digestive enzymes to counter the gasses.

If patient is suffering from stress he should try to practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, and meditation. If lactose intolerance is the cause person should avoid milk and other dairy products.

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