Is Sleeping In Afternoon Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Many people feel sleepy in the afternoon and some of them may feel it to be a good thing to take afternoon nap. However, for some people it may not be so, especially if they are suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia. Shutting eyes in midday may become counterproductive for them.

Taking naps in afternoon can actually have various health benefits and researchers have confirmed it. It increases productivity, and lifts up the spirit after an afternoon nap. Many people feel sharpness of their memory. It almost makes up the nighttime insufficient sleep.

Let us know the benefits and side effects of sleeping in the afternoon.

Health Benefits Of Afternoon Nap

Sleeping in the afternoon can be good for health in many cases. Let us know what researchers say about it.

  • Boosts memory: A short slumber of 20 to 30 minutes in afternoon can in fact boost your memory. You become more vigilant and productive in the later part of the day after the nap.
  • Reduces fatigue: A short nap in the afternoon can reduce your fatigue. Those who are feeling fatigued due to heavy physical work or those who have sleep disorders such as sleep apnea may feel better after taking a short nap.
    They feel more rejuvenated.
  • Relaxation: It gives relaxation to mind and body to a normal sleeper if he has disturbed sleep at night.
  • Improves mood: A short sleep in afternoon makes you refreshed much more. It is a good prescription for boosting the mood.
  • Clams emotions: If you are too angry or fearful, a short sleep in afternoon can be help you to give relief from nervous breakdown.

Side Effects Of Afternoon Sleep

Despite of various benefits of sleeping in afternoon, it is not so for each and every person. Some people may find it difficult to take a short nap at any other place than in their own bed. These people thus may find it difficult to sleep for a while in their office during afternoon hours.

Some people may have trouble taking a mid day dip. Aside from this, researchers have revealed some more concerning health problems from afternoon sleep. They are:

  • If you are an insomniac and have trouble during night time sleep, taking a nap during daytime can worsen your sleep at night.
  • If you are experiencing depression, than a short slumber during daytime can even worsen the symptoms of depression at night.
  • Sleeping during afternoon can lead to sleep inertia, especially when the person sleeps for more than 45 minutes in the afternoon. Sleep inertia is an abnormal feeling of grogginess and disorientation after you wake up from the sleep. This may affect the quality of your work if you have to start doing your job immediately after you wake up from the afternoon sleep.
  • Some studies indicate napping has increased the risk of heart failure especially in people who are already having heart problems.
  • People who sleep for more than 40 minutes in afternoon are also at greater risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.