Causes Of Keloid On Tongue: How To Get Rid Of Keloid On Piercing?

Keloid is a type of scar tissue which develops as a growth on or around the site of skin or damaged mucus membrane. Although not common, keloid can develop in people who have pierced their tongue. Since tongue piercing has gained momentum in this modern day as trendy form of self expression, many young adults have keloid on their tongue.

Keloid on tongue usually develops on or near the pierced area. It can range from a small to large bump. Keloid does not pain and it does not contain any substance in it except the scar tissue.

Keloid when present on tongue can be troublesome while eating and drinking. People of African American origin are more susceptible to develop keloids, although it can affect people of any ethnicity.

Often keloids have genetic tendency. If you have history of keloid anywhere on the body, avoid tongue piercing as you are more susceptible to develop keloid on tongue. Keloids do not heal spontaneously and they may need treatment. There are several methods found useful for eradicating keloids such as cortisone injections, laser, cryotherapy etc. Certain home remedies are also effective in dealing with keloids on tongue.

Natural Way Of Getting Rid Of Keloids On Tongue

Keloid on tongue may flatten up and disappear after sometime, but with home remedies and different techniques it can be speedily removed.

  • Take a glassful of warm water and add one teaspoon of salt. Mix it thoroughly till the salt dissolves completely. Gargle it two to three times in a day for two to three weeks. Keloid usually subsides with this treatment.
  • Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for treating keloid on tongue. Dilute apple cider vinegar in a cupful of water. Gargle with the mixture in your mouth one or two times in a day for several days for quick healing.
  • Apply aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil on keloid. It is a valuable home remedy to treat keloids.
  • Applying garlic oil along with coconut oil on keloid is effective in reducing the size of keloid. Apply it for several days at least once in a day. Few minutes after application, rinse your mouth with water.

Treatment For Keloid On Tongue Piercing

If the above methods fail, you may have to consult your doctor. There are many options for treating keloid on tongue.

  • Laser is effective in removing keloid. Pulsed dye laser is less painful but it may take several sessions for its removal. You may have to visit your doctor’s office for the laser treatment.
  • Interferon is found useful in reducing and eliminating keloid. The immune system produces a type of protein called interferon to fight viruses and bacteria. Injections of interferon have shown promising results in eliminating keloids, though much research is still needed as it is not sure whether the effect will last permanently.
  • Surgical removal may be possible but the risk of reappearance of keloid is greater due to cutting. However, some doctors are successful in treating it by injecting steroid after cutting the keloid.