What Are The Causes Of High Triglycerides In A Skinny Person?

Triglyceride is a type of fat that circulates in the blood. After a meal the body converts calories that are not needed immediately into triglycerides. Triglyceride is stored in the fat cells of the body. Later on when the body needs energy between the meals, certain hormones act upon the fat cells and ensure release of triglyceride for purpose of energy.

Although triglyceride has an essential role in the body, too much of it can be harmful for the health. It is known to cause atherosclerosis in the artery. High triglyceride level can increase the risk of hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

Most people associate high triglyceride and cholesterol level with obesity. However, contrary to this fact, even thin and skinny people can suffer from high triglyceride level in blood. Let us know different causes leading to high triglyceride level in the body, even in thin persons.

Causes Of High Triglycerides In Thin People

Both thin as well as obese people can suffer from high triglyceride level. While we all know obese are susceptible to high cholesterol and triglyceride level, it is more essential to know the reasons why thin people can also have high triglycerides in their blood.

  • Genes: High triglyceride can be genetic. It means if any of the family member or parents is having high triglyceride and cholesterol level, the person may be at a risk of suffering from it.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is known to immediately elevate the level of triglyceride in the blood. Thus thin people who consume even a small amount of alcohol can raise triglyceride level.
  • Stress: Increased psychological stress over a period of time can derail triglyceride level in the body. Certain studies have revealed connection between stress and rise in triglyceride. Stress can cause accumulation of glucose and fatty acid which in turn can increase triglyceride.
  • Eating unhealthy fat: Eating trans and saturated fat is known to increase triglyceride and cholesterol level in the body. It can occur in thin as well as obese person. Saturated fat is present mainly in animal products which include cheese, butter and lard. Trans fat is present in baked as well as fried food.
  • Sugar: High intake of sugar and refined food is also a reason for raised triglyceride level.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: One of the primary reasons for raised triglyceride level in thin and skinny people is inactive lifestyle. Those who do not regularly exercise are more susceptible to get rise in cholesterol and triglyceride.
  • Diabetes: Raised level of triglycerides is known to occur in thin as well as obese person if he is suffering from diabetes.

Natural Ways To Reduce High Triglycerides

Here are following measures that can be used to reduce high triglyceride level in blood, besides medicines.

  • If you are thin and you have high triglyceride, start doing exercise daily. A 30 minutes walk or swimming and other form of exercises are helpful for reducing triglyceride.
  • Since alcohol is one of the main reasons for rise in triglyceride, even thin person should stay away from alcohol.
  • Reduce stress if you are having high triglycerides and cholesterol level in the body. Practice yoga and meditation as it will help to relieve stress.
  • Eat healthy diet that contains fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating trans fat and saturated fat products.

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