Why Do I Get A Headache When I Go Out In The Sun? Symptoms

Exposure to sunlight has many health benefits such as it improves mood, it is good source of vitamin D. However, for some people it can be a cause of headache. Certain persons who stay for a long time in sunlight suffer from mild to moderate headache, especially if they are having sinus problems. Exposure to sunlight is also a trigger for migraine headache.

In majority of cases such types of headaches is caused in summer months. But it can also occur in any other month if the susceptible person is sensitive to sunlight.

For people who are prone to headache after going out in the sun, the best treatment mode is to avoid sun exposure. There are several alternative modes of treatment that helps to relieve headache caused due to sun exposure.

Why Does The Sun Give Me A Headache?

Most people who are sensitive to sunlight often complain of headache when they go out in sun. It usually occurs when they are exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time. There is no specific pathological reason for its occurrence but some researchers suggest it is related to the nerves and tissues of the scalp and head.

Over-straining of scalp muscles due to excessive exposure of sunlight can produce headache.

Person going out in sunlight with wet hairs is also prone to develop headache. This headache is commonly seen in women as compared to men. Person suffering from migraine headache is vulnerable to attack of migraine headache when he goes out in sun. People suffering from sinusitis also tend to get headache when they go out in sun. Some people having fever suffer from headache when they go out in sunlight.

Symptoms Of Headache Due To Sunlight

The symptoms of headache due to sun exposure can be sudden in onset. Patient may soon develop headache after sun exposure. Sometimes it may occur after some time. Headache may be mild to severe depending on the sensitivity of the patient towards sunlight. Most patients develop pulsating headache. Cerebral congestion causes increased congestion.

Patient feels his head is enormously large. Headache often increases and decreases with sun. There may be blurring of vision and watering from eyes as sunlight causes irritation in the eyes. Some people may also complain of associated vomiting.

Too much exposure to sunlight and staying out for a prolonged period of time in sun can cause dehydration, especially if patient does not drink water or fluids. Such patients also complain of easy tiredness, dry tongue and skin and other symptoms of dehydration.

How To Avoid Headache Due To Sunlight?

Medicines are usually not required to alleviate headache caused due to sun exposure. People who are prone to headache due to sunlight should try to avoid such episodes by following certain prevention techniques.

  • Person who cannot tolerate the heat of sun should try to stay indoors, especially in the afternoon hours when the sunlight is strong. If at all he wants to go out in sun, he should take an umbrella or use a hat that protects from direct rays of sunlight.
  • He can wear protective sun glasses while going out in sun.
  • Since dehydration can become a reason for headache due to too much exposure to sunlight, patient should drink enough water when he is out in sun.
  • Wash your face with cool water as it has soothing effect on the strained muscles of head and neck.
  • Person should avoid taking hot baths and showers if he is prone to develop headaches in sun.

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