Why Do I Gain So Much Weight In The Summer & How To Prevent?

Summer is one of the four seasons in the year. It falls between spring and autumn. Although the climate is hot in summer, people in some part of world are quiet excited as they can do plenty of outdoor activities that were impossible in freezing winter. Most people during summer in some part of the world visit beaches and parks to unwind under clear sky.

However, summer has its own problems, besides heat that everyone can experience many people do not know, they can put on weight during summer. The damage occurs by drinking beverages and eating cold salads that are loaded with high amount of fat and sugar.

Let us know the reasons for weight gain in summer and find ways to keep you stay in shape for wearing the new bathing suit that you have purchased.

What Are The Causes Of Weight Gain In Summer?

Following are some of the reasons for weight gain in summer:

  • It is natural for anyone to feel thirstier in summer months. Drinking water all the time may not be appealing and thus people prefer to drink several other beverages. The most common of them is lemonade or sweet ice tea. Both these drinks contain plenty of sugar and this is one of the reasons for gaining weight.
  • Summer time is vacation time for kids. Most of us during this period try to go out with the kids and eat at fast food joints. Kids prefer to eat fast food. However, few visits at such restaurants can pile up pounds.
  • Eating fruits is good healthy habit. However if you use canned fruits that usually are soaked in sugar syrup can be unhealthy for weight conscious people. Often during summer picnics one of the eating portions is fruit salad which is stuffed with whipped cream and various other garnishes that are loaded with fat. Few such picnics and ultimately increase your waistline.
  • During summer people often frolic in restaurants as days are dry and the sky is clear. Because of good ambience, loud music and dim lights can make you eat more. According to some researchers, people tend to eat more and eat fast when they hear loud music and if the ambience of the room is good. This in short will increase weight if you visit such places many times.
  • One of the things that can put more weight in summer is because people avoid exercise due to too much warmth. This can consequently increase your weight. Since exercise has many health benefits, you have to consider it as a daily activity and it must be a part of lifestyle throughout the year.
  • Drinking beer is common in summer time. Beer contains excess of calories. If you drink it more then you are ought to gain weight.
  • Barbecue is quiet often a time pass during summer. However, many people eat fat laden barbecue food items. It is one of the reasons for weight gain.

Natural Ways To Prevent Weight Gain During Summer

Here are some simple ways to be more conscious on preventing weight gain during summer:

  • If you are interested in eating grilled food, eat grilled veggies. They contain fewer calories. You can also include grilled lean meat in your diet that are bit sprinkled with spices.
  • When it comes to salad, prepare natural salads that less dressing that contains high calorie fat sauces and other items. Instead include fresh cabbage, tomato, chopped apple, pecans and lettuce.
  • Avoid fast food restaurants. Try to prepare variety of foods at home. Involve your children for food preparation. This will make them conscious of the food value as well as a change that may be seeking for long time.
  • Do not avoid exercise. If at all you find difficulty exercising in warm climate, select early morning hours when the weather is cold and fresh.
  • Plan your meal during summer to maintain healthy weight. Eat three meals and 2 healthy snacks or eat frequent small meals 4 to 6 times in a day. Avoid sugary beverages. Instead depend more on water and fresh fruit juices. You can also dilute this freshly prepared fruit juice with water to limit its calorie count.

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