Why Do I Always Feel Dizzy In The Morning? Possible Causes

Most people who wake up early in the morning feel energetic and recharged from the good things that nature offers. The fresh air, aroma of flowers, and chirping of birds boosts energy level and refreshes brain. But some people roll out of bed feeling dizzy and dazed before they move on doing their daily chores.

Feeling dizzy in morning after waking up must not be taken lightly as it can be a symptom of some disease. Especially if dizziness occurs daily or for a prolonged period of time after good night sleep.

Dizziness occurring in morning is more significant when it is accompanied with falling episodes or the person has confusion and disorientation.

Possible Causes Of Dizziness In The Morning

Dizziness is a type of sensation where a person feels as if he will fall or faint. He feels lightheaded. The reason for dizziness may be varied even though it is a common symptom of many diseases. Dizziness can occur due to less oxygen in blood, it can be a symptom of low or high blood sugar level or there may be disturbance in the blood pressure or heart and brain circulation.

Many people feel dizzy due to abnormality of inner ear equilibrium. It can be attributed to inadequate sleep, certain medications, alcohol and even due to intake of illicit drugs.

A person who feels dizzy soon after waking up in the morning should must consider these conditions before labeling it as a psychological cause.

Causes attributing to low level of oxygen in blood:

  • Anemia: It is a condition in which the red blood cells and the hemoglobin level is low. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to each and every organ of the body including the brain. Since there is reduced hemoglobin the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cell decreases. This may lead to dizziness in the morning.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Patient suffering from COPD often suffers from dizziness in the morning as their lung does not function at its optimum level. Poor lung function leads to less exchange of gasses in the blood.
  • Sleep apnea: It is a breathing disorder in which the patient stops breathing for a moment when asleep. It occurs many times at night when he is asleep. Due to frequent momentary stoppage the oxygen saturation in blood reduces which can lead to dizziness and tiredness when patient gets up in the morning.

Causes due to abnormal level of glucose in blood:

  • Hypoglycemia: It is low level of blood sugar. It may develop as a result of low food intake. But majorly dizziness in morning may occur in diabetic patients who are on insulin or on diabetic drugs. Over dose of this drug can reduce the level of blood sugar substantially leading to dizziness and confusion when he wakes up in the morning.
  • Diabetes: It is a condition in which the pancreas is affected. The cells of pancreas release less amount of insulin in the blood that is required for efficient utilization of glucose in the blood. High sugar level in blood can cause dizziness in morning.

Other causes of dizziness occurring in morning

  • Low blood pressure: Low blood pressure can occur in many conditions such as in heart failure, dehydration, severe blood loss, hormonal imbalance etc. Low blood pressure often causes dizziness. Its effect may be exaggerated in morning as the heart rate and blood pressure is low during morning hours after sleep.
  • Heart ailments: Several heart ailments can cause dizziness in the morning after patient gets up. Inadequate blood circulation in coronary arteries, heart attack, aortic stenosis, and valvular disease of heart, atrial fibrillation as well as many other disorders of heart can cause dizziness in morning.
  • Inner ear problems: The inner ear besides its function of hearing also helps to balance the body through its different organs. Any problem in the inner ear can thus cause imbalance as well as dizziness.

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