Why Does Depression Get Worse In Spring In Some People?

Spring time is the most joyous season of the year. It is in fact considered to be the queen of all seasons. This season follows after cold winter. Spring is the season where the whole nature is at its fullest bloom. The birds start to sing and chirp with the fall of first ray of sun on trees and soil. It is the season where new leafs grow on trees and flowers bloom. Majority of people enjoy spring season because it brings with it plenty of happiness.

While springtime is cheerful for many, not everyone will feel so.

For some people, it is the season which brings the opposite feeling. Yes some people feel more depressed and sad with arrival of spring. There are several reasons noted to cause depression getting worse during spring.

What Causes Depression Getting Worse In Spring?

Depression is a mental illness. For some people depression may be transitory or just being blue, while there are others who suffer from chronic clinical depression. Depression is a state of mind where the concerned person feels extremely sad and anxious. He talks pessimistically and has constant feeling of hopelessness and guilt.

These patients have change in their behavior. They no longer take interest and pleasure in activities which they once enjoyed.

Insomnia, waking up early in the morning, oversleeping, loss of weight and appetite, fatigue and slowdown in all activities is classical trait of depression. There are several causes of depression. For some people seasonal change may exacerbate their depressive mood. Although spring is considered to be a joyous season, some people are unlucky to enjoy as their depression becomes worse. Here are some important reasons:

  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD): This type of depression is related to change in season. The symptoms of depression aggravate during the same season each year. Usually the symptoms starts to develop in fall remain till winter and subside with sun shine. But in some cases there is a reverse pattern. This means depression returns in spring month. Patient begins to feel irritable, restless, tensed. It is accompanied with loss of appetite and weight loss. SAD in spring time and summer is considered to be due to high level of humidity and heat, besides disruption in balance of melatonin level.
  • Seasonal allergy: Spring time is the season of pollination and the air is filled with pollen. Often people having pollen allergy suffer from sneezing, blocked nose, runny nose, itching in eyes, sore throat, constant watering from eyes during this period. These symptoms may increase depression in some people. Although allergy is one of the reasons, often the blame is on cytokines released by immune system. Allergic reaction triggers secretion of cytokines in the body which consequently produce inflammation. Increase is cytokines is linked to a feeling of unwell where patient experiences loss of appetite, decreased sleep or increased sleep, lack of libido and withdrawal from surrounding. All these features are those of depression.
  • Social influence: Social environment can also cause aggravation in depressive symptoms among those who are already depressed in spring. For example people often go out on a vacation or on a trip during this period. Although a person wishes well for friends or relatives going out on vacation, sometimes a depressed person may feel envy. Especially if he struggling with financial problems or various other challenges such as a break-up etc.

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