Can You Get White Hair From Stress: Does Stress Cause Grey Hair

White hair is most common feature of old age. Your hair starts to grow white as you grow old. It starts growing grey after 30 years in men and 35 years in women with exceptions among few individuals growing grey after 50 years.

Can You Get White Hair From Stress?

The cells melanocytes present in the hair follicles produce melanin, a pigment which gives its color to hair. It is the same pigment which gives color to the skin. When the melanocytes die, your hair color turns grey as there is still little melanin left in the hair.

When the melanin pigment completely vanishes your hair turns white.

Can you get white hair from stress is repeatedly asked question to a dermatologist by many people. Scientists are still not sure the connection of white hair and stress. Some researchers believe chronic stress can speed up the aging process and eventually turn the grey hair to white early in their life.

Does Stress Cause Grey Hair?

Besides this thyroid disease, vitamin deficiency, especially B12 and B6 and heredity may be responsible for white hairs.

One study suggests genotoxic stress damages the DNA which destroys the melanocytes stem cells producing melanin in the hair follicle.

The meaning of genotoxic is the thing which destroys DNA.

To reduce stress in your body you should meditate and do yoga. Besides this take vitamins like biotin, B12, B6 in natural sources of plants and animals. Eat eggs, lean meat, green vegetables, whole grains, yeast etc.