Upper Lip Hair Removal: Tips And Home Remedies to Remove Hair on Lip

Home Remedies for Upper Lip Hair Removal

Upper lip hair is an excess hair growth called hirsutism. Other area in the body that grows excess hair is the chin, chest, belly and back.  The causes of this excess hair to grow in girls are due to polycystic ovary syndrome and other hormonal disorders, and some medications, like anabolic steroids. Women find upper lip hair embarrassing, and one best solution to the problem of having ‘œmoustache’ is an upper lip hair removal.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips at Home

There are several ways and home remedies for upper lip removal at home that you can opt to do to get rid of the embarrassing hair growth:

  • Laser: Upper lip hair removal is done by using a beam light to destroy or disable the hair follicle leaving no damage to the skin around the hair.
  • Intense pulsed light: This is another option to remove hair on upper lip that is similar to laser hair removal. What makes this option different from the laser hair removal is that, this uses a pulsed light to heat the hair in order to ruin the ability of the hair to grow and permanently hinder the hair to regrow.
  • Waxing: Hair removal using the application of wax on the unwanted hair and abruptly pull the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth. It can be used for cheek hair removal also.
  • Electrolysis: Hair removal is done by inserting the sterilized needle into each hair follicle by means of small electrical current. If done properly, this will result to permanent removal of unwanted hair.
  • Sugaring: Upper lip hair removal is similar to waxing, but the substance is not heated before it is applied to your skin. Hair removal of this type can be painful.
  • Tweezing: The hair is being remove by using the instrument like a pair of tweezers or forceps, and is sometimes called as plucking.