Natural Remedies For Fast Hair Growth: Tips For Healthy Hair

Question: My daughter is 3 years old. During January, 2010 she had her first hair cut and we removed her hair completely. Since then she got only one and half inch hair growth on her head till now. I think this growth is very slow. Give some advice for fast hair growth.

Answer: Slow growth of hair in children can be a normal condition just as other late milestones such as late speech, or late learning to walk or late teething. Some time slow hair growth can be a sign of any underlying conditions associated with other symptoms.

Usually hair growth retardation when present with nail and skin problems may indicate something wrong and may need a consultation of pediatric dermatologist.

Reasons For Slow Hair Growth In Children

In some children hair growth may be in a slow growth phase for a certain period followed by a natural longer growth phase in subsequent years. So this may be a phase of slow growth in your child, which after a period of time may change and the hair may begin to grow fast.

Factors which impair the hair growth are medicines, certain harmful chemicals in shampoos and soaps, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and heredity.

If your child is taking any medicine, you have to consult her pediatrician to find whether the medicine is retarding the hair growth.

Use shampoos and soaps that contain harmless substances. There are specific soaps and shampoos available in supermarket for children. Metabolic diseases and autoimmune diseases play an important role in hair growth retardation.

Check your daughters scalp for any type of infection such as dandruff, ringworm or folliculits which can damage the scalp skin and prevent proper growth of hair follicles.

Natural Remedies To Grow Hair Faster

  • Foods containing vitamin C and zinc, proteins, and vitamin B complex are helpful in hair growth. Give your child a balanced diet consisting proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals. Vegetable soup made from carrot and beetroot is beneficial as it contains vitamin A and minerals such as zinc. Green leafy vegetables also contain abundant vitamins that are beneficial for normal health growth.
  • A hair massage with almond oil or coconut oil is valuable in hair growth in children. Massage stimulates hair follicle. Massage also increases blood circulation in scalp and that initiate hair growth at rapid pace. Another way is to stimulate the hair follicle with gentle brushing of hair.
  • Few home remedies such as washing the hair with rosemary water have shown positive hair growth in many. Also protect the baby scalp with a hat whenever she goes out in sun.

If the hair growth does not take place as expected a pediatrician or dermatologist’s opinion is useful to rule out any underlying disease.

Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Here are few tips that may be useful for healthy growth of hair:

  • Avoid brushing your daughter’s hair when they are wet.
  • Avoid tight pony tails as it often pulls out healthy hair.
  • Avoid too vigorous massage as this may damage the roots.
  • Apply olive oil and coconut hair oil on her scalp as they both have properties to enhance hair growth.
  • While traveling cover her head with scarf or a hat as it protects hair damage caused due to waft of air or direct sunlight.