How To Correctly Do Protein Treatment At Home for Healthy Hair

Human hair is made up of protein called keratin. Keratin is the basic structure of hair; almost 95 percent of hair is made up of keratin. The rest consists of several other amino acids, a type of protein. Your hair is exposed to several environmental pollutants and styling products. This can cause damage and breakdown of protein in the hair leading to dry and brittle hair. The only solution to restore the lost protein is to substitute it with protein from outside. This gives back the hair its shine, suppleness and moisture.

Protein strengthens hair, makes the cuticle and strands smoother. There are several expensive protein treatments available in salon, but instead of spending on these expensive treatments, you can use simple homemade protein hair packs that make your hair strong and healthier. Besides the other benefit is they are devoid of any harsh chemicals. If you find your hair are breaking or are stretching while you wash, it is an indication that your hair needs protein. Homemade protein hair packs are all natural which can be made from eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut milk, avocado etc.

Protein treatment for hair at home:

First of all you must know that protein consumed from the dietary food helps the body to produce keratin that is needed for healthy growth of hair. When keratin is weak, your hair tends to break easily. Hence you must eat food that is rich in protein such as fish, shellfish, egg, milk etc. These foods also contain essential fatty acids and vitamin B2, B3, zinc and iron. All these nutrients help hair to grow strong. Besides nourishing the hair from within, sometimes you may also have to nourish your hair from outside. This will give extra protection and strength to the hair strands that break easily. Hence you must add some protein treatment in your hair beauty regimen. Below are some effective protein treatments for hair.

1: Egg and yogurt hair mask:

Egg is good source of protein. The yolk part of hair is also rich in fat and hence it also provides good moisture to the dry hair. Take 1 egg and break it in the bowl. Mix 2 tablespoon of yogurt. Now beat both the products till it becomes a smooth paste. Apply the prepared pack on scalp and on hair till its end. Wrap your hair with a shower cap and leave it for half hour. Wash your hair with cool water after 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair. If you are not comfortable with the smell of egg, you can add few drops lemon juice or lavender essential oil. Follow the routine two times in a week.

2: Hair treatment with coconut milk:

The milk extracted from coconut is found to contain saturated fatty acids and vitamins. Using this content regularly will help the hair to become strong and smooth. It is a good natural conditioner and fills up broken keratin spots in hair strands. Extract coconut milk and warm it in a bowl on low flame for a minute. Now with your hands massage coconut milk on scalp and on the hair. Once you have applied the milk all over, wrap your hair with a towel of shower cap and let is remain for 6 to 7 hours after which rinse your hair with a shampoo. Repeat the procedure every week till you find your hair has become smooth, supple and does not break frequently.

3: Avocado, banana and coconut oil:

Take one ripe banana and one avocado. Mash them properly till the content becomes smooth with not lumps remaining in the mixture. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the prepared mixture on scalp and on hair evenly. Let it remain for one hour. Now wash your hair with cool water and shampoo your hair. Apply the mask once a week on your scalp and hair. The fatty acids in avocado prevent breakage of hair and add up to its smoothness. Banana has certain amino acids that will be useful to repair the damaged hair. Coconut oil contains fat and vitamins which effectively nourishes the damaged hair. This mixture is valuable for healthy growth of hair.

You can also use mayonnaise and avocado pack or avocado and egg hair pack as a protein treatment for hair.

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