Is There A Cure For Baldness? Causes & Natural Cure For Hair Loss

Increased hair fall or thinning of hair may result in baldness. Baldness can be treated but can’t be cured. Estimates suggest that baldness treatment is a One billion US$ industry. Baldness patterns may vary between males and females and about 4 in 7 males suffer from baldness in their life.

On an average, a human loses about 80 to 100 scalp hair per day and this is considered normal. Baldness occurs when the hair loss is significantly higher, or when the new hair fails to grow from the hair follicles. In about 80% of cases of male baldness, it is attributed to genetic constitution and is often not curable.

However there are several treatment options that can help in efficient management of baldness.

What Are The Causes Of Baldness?

Baldness refers to complete or partial lack of hair. In humans, the term is clinically referred to as androgenic alopecia which affects males. A variant of alopecia androgenica may also be observed in females. The degree of baldness differs depending upon a host of factors.

One of the primary reasons for baldness is genetic background and in about 8 out of 10 males it is attributed to their genes. However there are certain environmental factors that may result in baldness, which can be treated efficiently.

Some of the common environmental factors associated with baldness include,

  • Dietary deficiencies: Dietary deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are closely linked with baldness. Faulty dietary practices, starvation or prolonged fasting can result in baldness among individuals. This baldness is often transient and can be reversed once the dietary deficiencies are addressed.
  • Medication: Use of certain medications is also linked with baldness. Anti cancer drugs and chemotherapy drugs are known to cause baldness. Baldness is often reversible in these cases once the treatment is stopped.
  • Scalp Infections: Certain types of scalp infections, associated with unhealthy scalp can also result in balding.
    Treating the underlying condition can result in reversal of baldness in most cases.

Is There Really A Cure For Baldness?

It should be understood that about 80 % of all cases of baldness are genetic in nature, and cannot be rectified by diet or medication. Baldness can’t be cured in such individuals. However there are a host of treatment options that are available which can either limit the progression of baldness or can help in cosmetic restructuring.

There are only two medications that are available to treat male pattern of baldness. These drugs have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are known to reduce progressive hair loss and also stimulate the re-growth of new hair.

Alternatively hair weaving techniques are available which are relatively more expensive, but help in cosmetic restructuring of the scalp.

Natural Cure For Baldness And Hair Loss

There are a wide range of natural herbal remedies that have been believed to treat the condition of baldness and prevent further progression of hair loss. However, it needs to be understood that these herbal remedies can only delay the progression of the condition and can never completely cure baldness. Some of the herbal remedies that can help in the management of baldness include,

  • Rubbing freshly sliced red onion on your scalp is considered to stimulate hair growth and delay hair loss.
  • Local application of honey mixed with aloe vera juice is considered to nourish the scalp and promote growth of new hair.
  • Rinsing the hair with potato water is also considered beneficial for the scalp and believed to promote hair growth.