How To Easily Treat and Style Corkscrew Hair at Home

When the locks of hair are curly and attain spiral shape, they are known as corkscrew hair. The hair appears like the shape of a corkscrew that is used to open a cork of a wine bottle. There are several types of curl pattern and among them, corkscrew is one. This type of hair has lots of spirals. The curls are tight and they appear thickly textured from a distance. But in actuality the hair are fine and thin when a single strand is observed. Corkscrew hairs are prone to break easily because they are delicate.

Some people curl their hair for fashion status, but increased fragility of this type of hair can lead to alopecia. Corkscrew hair can be treated at home with several natural remedies.

How to create corkscrew hair:

The corkscrew curls appear springy and curly. If a person does not have them naturally the other way is to curl your hair. Here are few steps to style corkscrew hair:

  • Apply a heat protectant to the hair. The comb your hair so that the material spreads evenly all over the hair.
  • Separate your hair into smaller sections.
  • Take the curling rod and let it heat.
    The rod must be as thin as possible.
  • Take a section of hair, more near the face. Make sure the section is not thicker than the curling rod.
  • Wrap this section of hair in spiral manner over the entire length of the rod. Wrap for 10 seconds and then unwind your hair to remove the rod.
  • Take another section and follow the same procedure. Once the bottom layer is finished, take higher layer. Repeat the whole process till all the sections are over.
  • With your fingers loosen your curls.
  • Apply some texture spray over the hair. This will make the hair glossier and eliminate any frizz.
  • You can further use hairspray to set this style.

How to treat corkscrew hair:

Corkscrew hair is a type of curly hair. Some people may make their hair curly in corkscrew style just as a fashion statement. In some people corkscrew hair can be caused as a result of underlying disease. Corkscrew hair is associated with copper deficiency, due to scurvy resulting from vitamin C deficiency. The hair structure may become weak and appear as corkscrew if a person has deficiency of nutrients as in case of a person suffering from anorexia for a prolonged period of time. In such cases the hair must be nourished. It also requires nutrition for its growth. Proper nutrition will help to attain healthy hair growth. Copper is found in food sources such as potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, cashew nuts, green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is found in abundance in lemon, orange, lime, and various other citrus fruits.

Certain home remedies can be effective for curly corkscrew hair.

Apple cider vinegar: The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar is beneficial for maintaining the balance of pH of hair.

Eggs: Corkscrew hair is fragile and breaks easily. Wash your hair with egg yolk once in two weeks.

Avocado: Paste of mashed avocado with yogurt is beneficial for keeping the hair strong and prevents curls, especially among people who are prone to corkscrew hair.