How to Avoid Grey Hair: How To Prevent Grey Hair Naturally

How to Prevent Grey Hair

Premature graying of hair is a common problem faced by most adults. As per Chinese medicine and traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda, grey hair is an indication of underlying imbalance in the blood and kidney functions of the body. Here are certain tips to avoid grey hair naturally and prevent premature hair loss,

  • Bringaraja, is a herb which is to be taken orally. This herb strengthens the liver and kidneys, which in turn, improves the quality and texture of the hair.
    Local topical application of this herb is also known to be beneficial. There are several commercial hair oils and other products which contain this herb
  • Amla is another ayurvedic herb which is considered to address the problem of premature graying of hair
  • Chinese medicine recommends the use of wheat grass, Nettles, black sesame seed, molasses, Hijiki seaweed and chlorophyll to improve the quality and color of the hair.
    In addition, Chinese medicine recommends abstinence from meat, salt and dairy products to prevent hair greying prematurely.
  • Finally, avoid smoking, consumption of alcohol, refined and canned foods. Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin A supplements have also been found useful in management of the condition.