Natural Home Remedies for Grey Hair | Prevent Hair Graying

Grey Hair Remedies

The complexion and color of one’s hair depends on the amount of melanin the follicles would secrete. If there is less melanin produced, the hair would have light and fair-colored strands. If there is increase in melanin production, the complexion and color of the hair would be dark.

Other causes of gray hair are the following:

  • As an individual ages, the hair follicles will eventually die out as well in time. When this happens, there would be lesser and lesser production of melanin in the roots of the hair causing the hair strands to go grey.
  • Greying of hair that is not associated with age can be attributed to hereditary factors. So if your dad got his first strands of grey hair at an early age, you are most likely to get yours at an early age too.
  • Stress can also bring about the graying of one’s hair. A prolonged exposure to stressful situations coupled with anxiety can cause one’s hair to turn hair.
  • Other causes for the graying of hair could be malnutrition, tension, and deep sorrow.

Treatment for Greying Hair

Contrary to popular belief that pulling of grey hair will minimize the growth of other grey hairs, the following treatments are more reliable and effective:

  • Massage your hair daily with lemon and coconut oil.
    Do this for fifteen minutes every day. This method has been said to give people black shiny hair even well into their sixties and seventies.
  • Regular massage of the popular Gooseberry paste should also help with treating graying and falling hair problems. The paste should be regularly rubbed onto one’s scalp to work.
  • Mix castor oil and lemon juice. Add some henna into the mixture. Have the mixture applied in even proportions on the scalp. Rinse after an hour.
  • Make a mixture of salt and a cup of strong black tea. Strain the tea and massage the remaining solution to the roots of the hair and evenly on the scalp. Rinse with cold water after an hour.

Proper Hair Care

To keep one’s hair texture, luster, and shine in good condition, proper hair grooming and nourishment should be observed. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and needs. It should go without saying that the use of hair products with harsh ingredients should be avoided.