Female Hair Loss Remedies | Cure for Hair Fall | Tips for Hair Growth

Question: I’m 15 year old girl and having severe hair loss because I don’t eat vegetables. Suggest remedies for hair growth.


Unhealthy eating habits, chaotic lifestyle, and stress are the biggest culprits, responsible for increased hair loss in young women and stunted growth rate.

A diet deficient in all the required macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients results in gross hair loss. Refined, processed foods take a heavy toll on our health, and this is manifested as hair fall.

Demands at home, tension regarding studies, peer pressure, all play on the psyche and cause immense stress.

A hectic schedule leaves us with little time for ourselves.

Natural Hair Growth Treatment

  • It is very essential that you chalk out and plan your diet and routine for good hair growth.
  • You say, you don’t eat your veggies, then what does your meal comprise of? Only cereals? Begin with choosing certain fruits and vegetables that you prefer over others. Fruits and vegetables provide you with vital nutrients essential to good and healthy hair growth.
  • Up your protein intake for hair loss control. Make a conscious effort to hike your intake of milk, curd, cheese, soy, pulses, egg white, fish, and lean meat.
  • Also, pay special attention to the scalp.
    15 years is a common age, when hormonal swings occur. Avoid oily, greasy foods. Also, curtail your intake of caffeine, chocolates and pastries to avoid hair fall. These foods make the scalp greasy and cause dandruff, which in turn causes hair loss.
  • Abstain from any kind of chemical treatment for the hair. It can have disastrous consequences. Coloring, streaking, crimping, straightening, all have damaging effects.