How to Stop Hair Breakage | Treatment for Hair Breakage Prevention

Hair Tips to Prevent Hair from Breaking

The hair is our crowning glory, and it definitely contributes greatly in one’s personality. Hair styling can create a different look to an individual; it can give a fresher look to a boring hair. There are different cuts and styles that help groom a person’s personality, but what about if the hair is giving up?

Everybody would want a healthy and shiny hair. Having a beautiful hair can boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence so that taking care of them is very important in order to maintain a lustrous hair and prevent damage or hair loss.

Proper Hair Care for Control Hair Breakage

  • Shampoo: The first step is to pick a shampoo that does not use harsh chemicals as its ingredients. Look for something that is more natural based because it is gentler to the scalp and hair. Herbal shampoo is known to prevent dandruff, hair breakage, and hair loss.
  • Shampooing the hair everyday may also cause stripping the hair with its natural oil so that it is not advisable to shampoo every day or more than once each day. Rinsing well after every shampooing also prevents building up of residue which eventually clogs the pores.
  • Brush: The scalp and the hair needs some brushing, but you need to wait till the hair dries up first before brushing. When you brush the hair, it helps spread the oil from the scalp to the hair, it also promotes blood circulation. The hair should be pat dry with towel after shower and not rubbed.
  • Balanced diet: A well-balanced diet is an important factor in having a healthy hair. Fruits and vegetable plus fiber and sufficient amount of protein can keep the hair stronger. Drinking ten glasses of water each day hydrates the hair.
  • Taking enough vitamins and minerals is beneficial to the hair. If it is not possible to get them from food, then taking supplements will be a good alternative.
  • Conditioner: Choose something that is rich in vitamin E or better yet, place four to six tablets in an ordinary conditioner by puncturing the gel tablets. Shake the mixture and use it just like how a conditioner is used.
  • Exercising regularly helps stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp and eventually to the hair follicle.

Things to Avoid Hair Breakage

  • Blow dryers: Because the heat can severely damage the hair. Excess water from hair should be squeezed out with towel and air dried. If it is unavoidable to use hair dryers, then make sure to use it around eight inches away from the hair in low or medium heat.
  • Perming and coloring: Because too much exposure to this kind of hair styling can make the hair dry, brittle and breaking.
  • Chlorine: Because it does not only kills bacteria but harms the hair as well. It can dry the hair, causes itching and flaking and worse, hair loss. Filtered water removes almost a hundred percent of chlorine and other substances harmful to the hair and skin.
  • Sun and dirt: Too much exposure to these factors including harsh weather causes brittleness of the hair.

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