Flaky Eyebrows: Treatment, What Causes Dry Itchy Flaky Eyebrows

Itchy Flaky Eyebrows

Itchy flaky eyebrows is a skin condition where you will see dandruff over the eyebrows, similar to dandruff present on the scalp. This is called as seborrheic dermatitis.

An itchy flaky eyebrow is always associated with dandruff on the scalp, therefore while treating eyebrows doctors always attend to dandruff over scalp region.

Although the reason for seborrheic dermatitis is not known, over activity of oil glands and super added growth of yeast, which is already present on the face starts to feed on the dead skin and oil in the eyebrow region causing itchy flaky eyebrows.

The other causes of itchy flaky eyebrows is allergic dermatitis. Cosmetic and hair dyes may sometime cause itchy and flaky eyebrows. Perspiration on the eyebrows allows the yeast to grow.

Symptoms of Dry Itchy Flaky Eyebrows

  • Itching over eyebrows.
  • Red and scaly skin.
  • Dandruff on the eyebrows.

Treatment for Itching And Flaky Eyebrows

  • Avoid using cheap cosmetic creams and makeup.
  • Avoid applying hair dyes.
  • Treat dandruff over scalp with a shampoo.
  • Swabbing baby shampoo on the eyebrows can be effective way to prevent itchy flaky eyebrows.
  • Boosting your immune system by way of eating nutritious diet, vitamin supplements and fruits will in long way help to solve the problem faced by seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Good hygiene of skin and hair by frequent cleaning of hairs, and cleaning skin regularly will help to solve itchy flaky eyebrow problem.

The condition frequently repeats even after proper care and treatment. Therefore prolong therapy and follow up is necessary. A dermatologist and an ophthalmologist’s opinion should be sought, if the condition worsens or infects the eye causing redness and watering.

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  1. CO said:

    Hi my name is TJ I have dry skin on my eyebrows and would like some advice as to know how it can be prevented. It is not itchy it just appears, although I am not sure. My wife has told me not to use any creams as this will leave the skin and hair oily, which is not the most recommendable way of treating this problem. If anyone can help I will be much appreciated.

    February 20, 2011

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