Does Stress Cause Grey Hair? Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

A school of scientists are of opinion that genes are much more responsible than lifestyle factors such as stress or diet to cause grey hair.

A study conducted by scientist, on identical and non-identical twins, between the age of 60 and 80 found little difference between the grey hair of the identical twins, who share the same genes. But there was more difference in the grey pattern of hair in non identical twins whose genes differ. They also came to the conclusion that receding hair is linked to mainly genetic factors.

This means that for the majority of people, graying hair is not due to something they have done or due to stress, but to genetic factors beyond their control.

Life style will not greatly impact on hair losing its color.

However some scientist’s suggest that exposure to certain types of chemicals can also promote grey hair. Therefore at this point of time, there is no certainty regarding stress to be the cause of grey hair, rather stress could be a contributory factor for grey hairs.

Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

Tips to relieve stress naturally and effectively:

  • Awareness of the source of stress is the first step in tackling the situation.
  • Avoid depending on alcohol, drugs and other addictives.
  • Yoga and meditation help in tackling the stressful situation.
  • Exercise releases serotonin which has a ‘feel good effect’.
  • Enjoy light music. It can be relaxing and therapeutic as well.
  • Do not hesitate in consulting a therapist if the need arises.
  • Slow down the pace. Take time to read a book or smell a flower.