Does Honey Cause Grey Hair: Honey Side Effects on Hair And Scalp

Honey Side Effects on Hair, Scalp

Honey is the oldest sweet and sweetener known to mankind. Honey is made from nectar, a sweet sap in the flower. The nectar collected by honeybees is converted by them into honey and stored in the honeycomb.

Honey is a simple form of sugar. When consumed in large quantities honey speeds up the aging process resulting in grey hair and wrinkles.

Although local application of honey does not cause grey hairs, rather it acts as a hair conditioner.

Due to its immense health benefits on hair and scalp, honey should be consumed but in a lesser quantity, if a person wishes not to turn Grey at an early age.

Side Effects of Honey

At large honey is well tolerated if taken in measured dose.

Some of the side effects noted are:

  • ‘Mad honey’ is the term used when the honey is of toxic nature. It is produced from nectar of certain flowering plants such as Rhododendron. The symptom of mad honey are feeling of weakness, sweating, slow pulse, nausea, vomiting, fainting, vertigo etc. you should avoid such type of honey.
  • Applying honey as a healing agent on the leprotic wound can cause maggots infestation by house fly.
  • Honey contains fructose; those having fructose intolerance can suffer from diarrhea.
  • Honey may contain botulinum spores a potentially serious disease. Infants are more prone to this disease.