Home Remedies for African American Hair Growth and Hair Care Tips

Our hair plays one key role in our overall look. Most hair are often difficult to manage especially for African American women. However, there are simple solutions that are less costly compared to visiting a salon for expensive hair treatment.

Home Remedies for African American Hair Growth and Care

Home remedies for African American hair are available and can be done in just simple steps.

  • Among the effective home remedies for African American hair care is by using eggs. Eggs provide the best hair care treatment due to its rich protein content. Eggs are effective in increasing the hair’s volume and making it look richer and shinier.
  • Home remedies for African American hair growth also include raw eggs. Raw eggs are great tool for the treatment of thinning hair and receding hairline.
  • Apart from eggs, beer is also a good solution for hair treatment. It has high levels of vitamin B and natural sugars that can build the volume and thickness of the hair to add sheen.
  • Another useful tip is the mixture of eggs, vinegar, oil, and mayonnaise. This can further enhance the hair property and keep it healthy.
  • Avocados are also best remedies because of vital fats that provide moisture.
    Avocados are also good hair conditioners that soften each strand until the tips.
  • If you want to make your hair soft and shiny, applying apple cider vinegar is also an excellent step as final rinse for your hair.
  • In doing hot oil treatments, olive oil and coconut oil are also effective.
  • For hair growth castor oil has also been proven helpful.
  • Massaging your hair is also a good way to keep it healthy as well as avoiding too much treatment.
  • If possible, try to lessen or avoid the application of strong chemicals into your hair.