Causes of Frequent Urination | What Causes Frequent Urination in Women

Frequent Urination Causes

Urination is the body’s natural means to eliminate urine and other liquid wastes in the body. As such, one should not try to prevent urinating or prolong urination, lest there may be harmful results. When a person delays urination, there is the chance that toxins may cause harmful effects on the body because it stayed longer in the system.

However, there may be instances when one urinates too frequently. When one is drinking or after a heavy drinking or too much intake of fluids, one could only logically expect to urinate a lot.

However, when the probable cause of urinating frequently is other than drinking, the condition may be a sign of some infections and other health conditions. These are worth noting as well as seeking immediate medical treatment to prevent the condition from becoming worse.

Causes of Urinating Frequently

The following are the common causes of frequent urination:

  • Constipation: When a person is constipated, there is a marked difficulty in eliminating the body’s solid waste. As such, the intestines press against the kidney. This squeezes the kidney and so it causes frequent urination.
  • Due to an inflammation of the opening of the penis
  • Due to delaying urination
  • Due to a syndrome known as frequent daytime urination syndrome.
    This is especially common among children due to a combination of stress, eagerness to play more and neglect urinating, and poor urination habits.
  • Due to urinary tract infections or UTI. A UTI is one of the common causes for frequent urination due to bacterial activity. However, when a person infected with UTI tries to urinate, there may be pain, a burning sensation and back pain.
  • Due to diabetes
  • Due to urinary bladder problems. When a person has urinary bladder problems especially when there is infection to the urinary bladder, the result is the inability of the urinary bladder to fully contract and squeeze out all the urine. As such, one will feel the urge to urinate even after just a few minutes from the previous urination.
  • Frequent urination in women could be an indicator for weak pelvic floor muscles. When the muscles of the pelvic floor are weak, there is an inability for the urinary bladder to fully squeeze to empty all the urine. As a result, one will be frequently urinating as if there is a limitless supply of urine.
  • Frequent night urination is also a major problem noticed among older men and women