Varicose Veins Symptoms, Treatments | Varicose Veins Causes, Remedies

Varicose Veins Causes, Treatments

When the wall of a vein becomes stretched and fails to close properly, blood fails to flow freely throughout the system. Simultaneously the vein becomes clogged with the blood left behind. These are called varicose veins. This problem is due to heredity factors, but can also develop when increased pressure is exerted on the blood vessels in the abdomen because of being overweight or during pregnancy. Diagnosis of varicose veins should be made by a Physician. Regular exercise, moving from heels to toes while standing and raising the legs higher while sitting are some of the measures that help control varicose veins.

If Homeopathic remedies are taken on time, they help prevent varicose veins. However it also helps to reduce the discomfort if it already exists. A constitutional therapy is advised if varicose vein is accompanied by constipation (with hemorrhoids) or if the remedies fail to provide relief even after six weeks.

Important: Self treatment during pregnancy can be attempted only after consulting your physician. See your physician immediately if the varicose veins are inflamed, swollen and cause severe pain.

Varicose Veins Symptoms, Remedies

  • Varicose veins are red and blue colored; ulcers are present that are surrounded by dark red circles; particularly during pregnancy with hemorrhoids appearing at the same time; everything is moving at slow speed.

Worse – Walking
Better – Warm weather
Remedy – Aesculus

  • Stiff and heavy legs, often it feels as if being paralyzed; a feeling of cold from below the knees; tired and weak with a tendency to faint, often with flatulence and other digestive problems.

Better – Fanning, fresh air
Remedy – Carbo vegetabilis

  • Varicose are seen particularly in the lower legs; legs are swollen, tired, heavy, and feel as is they are hurt; sharp, stabbing or prickly pain. Especially in women with pregnancy related varicose veins and hemorrhoids at the same time.

Worse – Humidity, warmth
Remedy – Hamamelis

  • Tired, heavy legs, often there is swelling in the knee area; there is severe pain if you do not elevate your legs; while standing legs become numb easily; during the night there is piercing pain.

Worse – Warmth in any form
Better – Moderate movement outdoors
Remedy – Pulsatilla

  • Varicose veins are very large; legs and feet are restless, must move them constantly; muscles are jittery and make small, sudden uncontrollable movement; cramps in the lower legs; there is a feeling of numbness and numb spots in the lower legs; especially for varicose veins relief that has worsened during pregnancy and menopause.

Remedy – Zincum metallicum