Tuberculosis Shot | TB Test Shot | What is Tuberculosis Vaccine Shot

Tuberculosis Shot:

Why is there a need for tuberculosis shot?

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that easily spreads. It damages internal human organs especially the lungs. The tuberculosis vaccine shot is a must for people who are infected with HIV, habitual alcohol drinkers, migrants from countries with high TB incidence, and health care workers.

  • It is advantageous on your part if you get tuberculosis shot to protect yourself if you are about to travel to a foreign country, volunteer to work with the homeless or those who live in crowded conditions, and work with immigrants.
  • You can even have your children given tuberculosis shots to protect them from possible infection as they come in contact with different people from all walks of life. It is better to prevent the infection than act on its treatment because TB works fast.

When do you know that someone is infected with tuberculosis?

In contradiction to common belief that tuberculosis only affects the lungs, it can occur in the intestines, glands, and even the bones. It eats up the body of the infected thus leading to loss weight, physical weakness, and skin color.

  • An erratic increase in body temperature especially at night coupled with severe coughing and voice hoarseness could be signs of tuberculosis.
  • Difficulty in breathing, continuous shoulder blade pain, indigestion, blood in the feces, and constant pains in the chest are attributed to it too.

What are the conditions that increase the susceptibility to tuberculosis?

  • Poor diet that lowers the body’s resistance against infections and the slowing down of the immune system is a fertile field for tuberculosis. Food with artificial flavors and insufficient nutrients such as junk food and those with low vitamin content would make the body weaker.
  • Stress, smoking, and uncontrolled or regulated drinking could also cause the increase in susceptibility to tuberculosis because the immune system is negatively affected by them. The greater the stress the body is placed in, the more toxins are embedded into the system.

When getting a tuberculosis shot, what preparations should I make?

Before you actually get the shot, have a skin test first to ensure that your body will not reject the vaccine. If you are allergic to the specific brand of the vaccine, request for replacement. Ensure that you get a shot that matches your immunity system.

Prepare your household and work to accommodate your need for complete rest and freedom from stress. You need to stay relaxed for a few days from the day you take the shot because it will all be useless if you get stressed.