Causes of Sweating After Taking a Shower: How To Stop Sweating?

Many people do not feel refreshed even after taking bath. They often blame sweating after taking shower as the main cause. Although it may be surprising, excessive sweating after shower can make you feel exhausted. It may make you feel stickier and you may think of taking another shower. In summer when the days are warm and humid you may feel more uncomfortable after taking shower, and there is no other alternative to it.

However, if you feel sweaty after taking shower, there are ways to stop it with simple home measures.

But before that it would become simpler if you understand the reasons which are responsible for perspiration after taking bath.

What Causes Sweating After Shower?

There are four important factors that may trigger sweating after a shower. Once knowing these causes, it is easy to curtail the cumbersome condition.

  1. The hot shower water which remains on your body is enough to raise your body temperature. As a result when you have finished bathing, your body tends to perspire.
  2. Sweating on body after shower is also associated with humidity and warmth of  the bathroom. The temperature in the bathroom is also way high due to the surrounding humidity and warmth when you take hot showers.
    Perspiration is one way body tries to reduce the temperature in this surrounding.
  3. We all rub our body with a towel to keep it dry after taking a shower. While doing so, we seldom realize that the friction between our body and towel generates heat. As a result, you start sweating.
  4. If your towel or clothes are warm while you wear them, it can make you perspire soon after the shower.

The above four mentioned reasons such as bathing in hot water, friction of the body, wearing warm clothes and humidity in the bathroom are known to cause sweating after a shower. Having said that, it is not necessary to take a hot shower every time. Many persons prefer to take hot showers even in summer or throughout the twelve months. For them to switch over to cold shower suddenly may cause more harm. In such cases, you should gradually switch over to cool water.

How To Stop Sweating After Taking Shower?

You can avoid sweating after taking shower by following certain valuable tips:

  • When you are under shower, let the water flow with same temperature which you are comfortable with. Gradually reduce the temperature so that the water becomes cooler. But this should not be instant as your body may not adjust to sudden change of water temperature from hot to cold. Do it gradually in a few minutes. Once you are comfortable with cool water, lower the temperature further and for the last minute, let the water be absolutely cold. In this way, you can avoid sweating and at the same time feel fresher and revved up. If you are having cold and upper respiratory tract infection, avoid cold shower baths.
  • Avoid rubbing your body with a towel. Instead, pat dry your body or wear a bath robe as it is beneficial in drying out your body without causing sweating.
  • Fix an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Switch it on before and till your bath is over. Exhaust fan will manage the air flow. If you have an electric fan in the bath room then switch it on after a shower to dry off your body and avoid sweating.
  • After taking shower, get out of the warm bathroom as soon as possible. Get dressed in a room instead of bathroom.
  • Sprinkle some talcum powder on your body as it will keep your body dry and at the same time keep you more refreshed.