Steam Burn Treatment: First Aid and Home Remedies for Burn with Steam

If you are someone who is constantly exposed to steam like those coming from pots in your kitchen or from steam pipes at work, it is then likely that you have suffered from a burn with steam in the past and have used a particular steam burn treatment to take care of it.

Why are steam burns so severe? The reason why steam burns are more severe than burns that you get from hot water is because steam is actually hotter than boiling water and because it has more energy that holds that heat together in it.

Homemade Remedies and Treatments for Steam Burn

When you want to learn how to treat steam burn problems with homemade solutions, you will need to know steam burn first aid. A good steam burn treatment not only helps stop the skin from continuously feeling the burning sensation, it also helps with healing and with the removal of the dead skin cells that got burned by steam.

  • Fresh Papaya Pulp. Grate some fresh, ripe papaya and place this on the skin that got burnt by steam.
    This will not only cool your skin down and stop the burning sensation but will also help speed up the healing process since papayas have enzymes that help in the faster healing of the area along with the removal of the dead skin cells there.
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Gel. This can be gained from one of the spiky and fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant. Simply break open one of the leaves of this plant and squeeze out the sticky and clear liquid you find in it. Place this liquid over the burn like a salve. You can also split open one of these leaves and place the raw side where the sticky liquid comes from down on the burn itself to cool it down and expedite healing.

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