Spine Pinched Nerve in Lumbar Spine and Spinal Cord: Causes, Diagnosis

If you are feeling some pain in your neck or in your lower back along your spinal cord then you might have a spine pinched nerve dilemma. A pinched nerve in the spine can actually be easily identified by the symptoms that a person experiences. What usually causes this problem is the pinching of a spinal disc of a nerve in your spine. This pinched nerve in your spinal cord actually causes you a lot of pain that may run from the base of your neck down to your lower back and can be a sharp pain or just a dull ache, depending on how serious your condition is.

Symptoms of Spine Pinched Nerve Problems

When you’ve got a spine pinched nerve problem or a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine, you will notice a few notable symptoms that should prompt you to go see a chiropractor. The most common symptoms you can find with this problem include muscle fatigue, lower back and shoulder pain, and even concentrated immobility. Other symptoms that can emerge with this problem include muscle numbness and muscle weakness and even pain in areas of your foot.

Diagnosis of Spine Pinched Nerve

To get a proper diagnosis as to whether you are suffering from a spine pinched nerve, you may need to get your doctor to do a physical exam on you.

Depending on the severity of the pain you may be experiencing as well as the symptoms that you tell your doctor you are going through, you might even need to undergo diagnostic tests like an MRI or a CT scan. These can tell you and your doctor just exactly where the pinched nerve is, and this will then help your doctor determine the right kind of treatment for you and your problem.